Paparazzi Jewelry Scam

Paparazzi Jewelry Scam?


When things appear to be good and or successful, people love to pick it apart as if it is wrong.


My humble opinion is no: Paparazzi Jewelry and Accessories is not a scam.


1. There is a fabulous product to retail and you make an immediate 45% on all items if you sell them at the suggested price of $5. (Could be sold higher, based on independent consultant).


So how is there a scam involved if you are selling a great product at a great price and making money?


2. Should you decide to share your experience and knowledge with other people and help them have there own paparazzi business – that is your choice; you will be rewarded with commission from Paparazzi.


Now I get commission for helping others do what I love. Where is the scam?


No one is making anyone do anything they don’t want to… We do live in a free country.


Also Paparazzi jewelry and accessories can be sold just about anywhere, you can build your own online store front and website (unlike most direct sales companies that make you pay monthly fees to have a pre-generated site like everyone else), you can have home jewelry parties, office parties, go to expo events … literally you can do just about anything with your paparazzi business.


I would love to hear if someone else has any views on this; but please remember to be polite in your posts we do not want to offend anyone.


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